What do screeners focus on in your statement and essays?

GPA and MCAT scores are one part of the evaluation process, accounting for 10% each. The other eight categories are equally important, and screeners evaluate each applicant based on objective criteria. Personal statements and additional essays are evaluated objectively as well, without any screener’s personal biases or subjective views. It's important to note that a mentor's subjective opinion of an essay, such as describing it as "succinct," "to the point," or "touching," does not accurately reflect the objective evaluation criteria used by screeners.  Screeners focus on objective facts and information in the essay, such as the applicant's experiences, achievements, and attributes, to evaluate its quality.

Understanding the screener's scoring process is critical to writing an impactful essay because it allows applicants to focus on presenting objective facts and experiences that will resonate with the evaluators. By focusing on concrete details based on facts, applicants can demonstrate their suitability for the program in a way that is more likely to be objectively evaluated and scored by the screeners.

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