Term and conditions – Short version

Term and conditions - Short version

These are the terms and conditions that a client must agree to when purchasing services from Med School Solutions, LLC. The client agrees to cooperate with the company and provide truthful responses while also agreeing to keep all communications confidential. The company is not obligated to provide ongoing consultation and may terminate the relationship at any time. Payment is due upon signing up for services, and fees are subject to change. The client is responsible for canceling consulting sessions at least 72 hours before the scheduled appointment or will be charged in full or prepayment (1st payment) according to service items. The client must submit a sufficient first draft of materials for editing, and the company will not submit any application materials on the client's behalf. The company does not guarantee that its services will improve the client's chances for admission to postgraduate programs, BS/BA/MD programs, medical school, residency, or fellowship.